I believe radar detectors should be illegal in the US


Legalisation of radar detectors is a hot topic of debate in many parts of the world, including the United States of America. Albeit the general law here permits the use of one such detector in private vehicles, the law keeps varying from state to state.

According to the US Communication Act of 1934, the private vehicles are allowed to keep a detector, but the commercial vehicles are bound to follow the DOT regulation and are completely prohibited for using a radar detector.

But in states like Virginia and Washington DC, the detectors are illegal for all the vehicles. Similarly there are separate laws and many additional rules, regarding the radar detectors in states like Illinois, New York, New Jersey etc.

However, in my opinion, radar detectors are not a good idea for the fact that they indirectly cause traffic rule violation , somewhere  or the other. You see, the  radar detectors are used by the police in order to track traffic rule violators , particularly the rash drivers.

The radar detector, used by motorists, detects the radar gun signals and alarms the driver, often helping them to avoid a ticket – more on this subject. To be straight forward, radar detectors allow us to bend the speed rules slightly without being caught and hence are very popular amongst the rash drivers.

I am not saying that all the people use radar detectors to violate the laws without getting caught, but it is a fact that most of the people do!

Some of the people, who are always in a hurry, believe that a slight misdemeanour might not pain at all if it saves their pockets from getting hurt. But you see, this is the actual problem.

Traffic rules are meant to ensure safe and sound traffic system, and breaking these regulations may sometimes seem fun but can someday cause major harm, may be not to you but somebody else

Therefore it’s necessary for laws to govern the traffic properly and the police to keep a check on people who abuse it. And such a proper and fair detection will be possible only when the use of radar detector machines is banned altogether.

Though radar detectors are not totally responsible for traffic rule violations and they are not the ones causing rash driving. It is the people who aren’t aware of the excruciating damage that these ‘slight violation’ may cause, but prohibiting the use of radar detectors will definitely ensure that these rule breakers learn the right lesson.