How do you make your own yogurt?


Yogurt is part of our daily eating routine and it is even mandatory for some people. The benefits associated with this simple food are many, so we tend to include it in our shop list as often as possible. However, as with many products available on the shelves of stores and supermarkets, a lot of additives and less healthy substances that are needed to keep the yogurt edible for a longer period of time are included in its composition.

The basic yogurt recipe is, nevertheless, much simpler and it doesn’t include all the ingredients you see written on the product’s label in supermarkets. If you want to make a basic yogurt at home, you only need fat milk (or cream if you prefer it more creamy), live bacteria cultures, yogurt (about half a cup), a pot large enough to prepare it in and a yogurt maker.

The preparation stages are few and simple. Only the fermentation process is tricky, as the yogurt needs warm and constant temperature and has to stay covered for a few hours to achieve an optimal fermentation process. To ensure that the incubation is progressing well, you must assure good temperature conditions for it. For this to happen, you can store the yogurt in a warm place where you are able to maintain the same temperature overnight. As it is unlikely that the temperature remains constant, it is recommended that you use a yogurt maker. This utensil will ensure a great environment for the composition to incubate, and will also let you know how much time has passed since you placed it inside the maker.

What you must do first is heat the milk in a pot until it forms bubbles around the edges. Once this happens, you take the milk away from the stove and you wait for it to cool a bit. When it’s slightly warm, you take a couple of spoons of milk and you mix it with the live cultures yogurt, after which you blend this with the rest of the milk. This is when the yogurt maker comes into the picture. You store the composition into the yogurt maker’s jars and then you set it according to the instructions. Most yogurts will take a minimum of 6 hours to be ready, although it is preferable to leave it there overnight. In the morning it will be perfect for your breakfast. Before you consume it, you can place it to cool in the fridge for an hour or two.

Remember to keep a cup of your first batch of yogurt as a culture for your next round.