Why I keep a weather radio in my house.


Weather radio is a single-purpose special radio receiver device used to listen to direct weather forecasting. In this age of high technology androids and smart devices it seems quaint and futile to keep such a weather radio with you. However, keeping a weather radio in your home, car and boat, is actually very practical and handy habit. Wondering how ?  Read ahead.


Weather radio provides the most authentic information.

Yes. A weather radio forecasts the information that is broadcasted nationwide by National Weather Forecasting Associations which is a government organization and includes 24 hour service from highly educated expert meteorologists. Therefore no other app or website can provide as authentic information as a weather radio.

Weather  radio is better than other devices.

The weather information is easily available these days through television, internet or via android apps. But these devices come with one drawback or the other, when it comes to weather forecasting. You cannot watch a weather forecast all the time on a television or while watching your favorite shows and in times of power cut. The android phones and World Wide Web will also be useful only when you have enough battery and an internet connection or a proper network (which highly depends on the weather itself, LOL). On the other hand with a weather radio near you, you can listen to a weather forecast at any time during the day and at any place. The weather radio picks up the closest network broadcast no matter which part the country you are in and requires very less amount of battery compared to the phones.


They provide all types of national emergency reports.

With a weather radio beside you, you can not only listen to the weather forecast for the entire day but it also broadcasts all types of emergency alerts including the natural disasters, outages, chemical disasters, terrorist attacks and various severe weather conditions like hurricane, tornado, cyclone and high wind.

They are cheap and portable.

Using and wondering with expensive and heavy devices such as an android or a television seems impractical, while an emergency. Weather radios, being extremely low-cost and lightweight are very easy and comfortable to carry and keep.

All these benefits of a weather radio make it worth keeping with you, even in this modern age of advanced technology. Hence I always keep a weather radio in my house. Do you?