New to Rving? Read my tips for a better trip.


Hello voyager! Are you thinking of Rving but doubtful about how to make the best RV trip? Well, let me tell you that you just made an absolutely right decision. Travelling and roaming anywhere and everywhere, any time; just travelling and experiencing new things all the time, what else can be better for your wanderlust?

But if you are worried because you don’t know how to start or where to start from, then the answer to this question is right here. Just read this beginners guide for a perfect RV trip, and you will start feeling better –


  • To begin with, first of all decide whether you are going to buy an RV or rent one. If you are planning a single trip then it’s better to rent and if you are planning to do a full time Rving then you can purchase your own vehicle. However, for a beginner I will advice to rent  an RV for the first trial.
  • Next up you must know about the RV properly. This is important as an RV is completely different from a car or a van. There are various Dos and Don’ts that you must know before going on an RV trip.
  • Before going on an actual RV trip, it is advised to take a trial ride. This lets you know how the RV thing is actually going to be. To be more positive about the decision, try the test drive on a terrain similar to which you are planning to tour.


Before Starting the Trip

Before you lock your house and finally go off on the adventure, it is important that you do not forget the    following –

  • Do not forget to pack your tools and spare parts. Take a well packed toolkit with you along with the general spare parts that an RV requires like the nuts, bolts, connectors, bulbs etc.
  • Do not forget to keep a GPS unit with you. This is an important accessory because it helps you in tracking and tracing the roads of the location you are travelling. A GPS unit is extremely important for an RV trip.
  • It is good if you can get a backup camera. It is a useful gadget to park and retrieve a huge vehicle like an RV
  • Do not start without a proper planning. It is a necessary element for a successful trip.

Keep all these tips and advices in your mind and enjoy your trip!