Pedestal sump pump are the best option


Sump pumps are used to draw collected and usually stagnant water from the sumps to a place away from your basement, in order to protect your basement from damage. While buying a sump pump, people often get confused for selecting between a pedestal sump pump and a submersible sump pump.

Different people give different advice on this topic making it even more difficult to make a decision. However, in my opinion, pedestal sump pumps are indeed a better option. Pedestal sump pumps are designed to sit above the water level. They are installed with a sensor or floating switch on board that activates automatically on detecting the certain rise in water level. Since the motor in pedestal sump pump, does not contact water, it is less likely to be damaged and even if it is somehow damaged, then it won’t require any tearing of the floor to rectify the problem.

But just like everybody else, I don’t want to flood your mind with my viewpoint and that is why I have gathered here a quick comparison of pedestal sump pumps over other sump pumps. So have a look and evaluate :

  • Cost – Pedestal sump pumps are cheaper than other sump pumps especially when compared to submersible pumps. But that doesn’t make it compromise on  performance and durability.
  • Accessing – Since pedestal sump pumps are not deeply installed, they are easily accessible. The convenience in access makes it easy to take care of the pump from time to time.
  • Maintenance – Being easily accessible these are easy to maintain. Moreover they require very low cost maintenance compared to other pumps.
  • Durability – Since their motor is not submerged in water, it is less likely to become defective and hence is durable. Pedestal sump pumps last 2 to 5 times longer that submersible pumps.
  • Repair – Since they are durable, they rarely require repairing. Being inexpensive, the repair (if needed) is very cheap and easy.
  • Safety – Pedestal sump pumps have a motor which is not submerged in water making it safer to use compared to submersible pumps which is more likely to create a short-circuit. Click here to read more about the difference between a pedestal sump pump and submersible one.

The only disadvantage of a submersible sump pump is that it is a bit noisier than others and a little less powerful, but they are indeed a reliable choice from an overall standpoint. So, if you are thinking of purchasing a pedestal sump pump, then go ahead with confidence because you will not regret buying one.