My review of the Shark SV1106


If you’re trying to acquire an electric broom that is not only efficient, but also easy-to-use and handle, this is an excellent product that you can find for sale on the internet. It is highly functional, due to the fact that it comes with two speed levels that you can adjust according to the surface you are using it on. Hard floors are easily cleaned at the first speed level, but you may obtain better results on bulky fabrics and carpets using the second power level. Personally, for rugs and less fluffy textures I use the basic level, and I don’t think I need more than that to achieve the best possible result.

The main reason for which I bought this product is its charger. Most cordless products like this one will take 7-8 hours to charge, and give you 20-25 minutes of running time, which I consider insufficient. Moreover, if you use the broom at its highest capacity, the running time will be reduced to half. The Shark is a good stick vacuum for hardwood floors and it takes only 4 hours to recharge and offers plenty of running time on both speed settings.

Another thing that I appreciate at this product is the garbage recipient. It is easy to empty and quite spacious, so you won’t be forced to empty it often. Due to its placement on the handle of the broom, it won’t become a nuisance during cleaning. In addition, the product uses the cyclonic technology that keeps dust and debris away from the filter preventing it from clogging. As such, it will work at its maximum capacity always and will not lose its power in time.
It is quite surprising what this small and light product can do with pet hair. Though you won’t give it credit with pet hair embedded in your carpet, this broom can lift it easily due to its motorized brush that was especially designed for this type of task.

When it comes to maneuverability, the product can be easily steered in any direction, as it is fitted with a swivel head. Even on fluffy carpets, you can move the product back and forth effortless due to its two wheels placed at the back.

As a last consideration, you may find the price of this broom a bit higher than that of other products in its category, but, once you get to use it, you’ll see it is worth every penny.