The best birthday present: a quesadilla maker

I’ve been using a skillet to cook quesadillas for as long as I can remember. Though the thought of buying a more advanced tool, that would improve the quality of my dishes, but also shorten the amount of time that I usually spend cooking it, had been on my mind for some time, I had never put it in practice. Thankfully, my good friend did that for me and bought me one for my birthday a couple of days ago. As my friends already know, I’m a great fan of Mexican cuisine and condiments, and I try including them in many foods I cook at home. It was such a lovely surprise! My friends wrapped it in a simple white paper and at first, I thought they bought me a sauce pan (it would have been the third received that day), so I tried faking some kind of enthusiasm, but, to my great surprise, from the white paper, a round quesadilla maker surfaced. It was the best present! The item had a nicely designed lock in the shape of a red pepper and a shiny red color that cheers me up when I look at it. Next to that, a set of kitchen towels with Mexican traditional motives completed the most amazing present I’ve got for this year’s birthday.

As I was quite excited, I couldn’t help but putting it to work right away. While my friends were talking, I prepared a simple quesadilla recipe, to test my new appliance. There are no words to describe the final result: the crunchy texture of the tortilla, the perfectly golden nuance, the perfectly cut slices. I regretted the fact that I didn’t buy one earlier, as it would have made my life so much easier. Not only I got the food ready in half the time that I would have cooking them the usual way, but I didn’t have to turn the quesadilla on the other side, as the small appliance fries it on both sides at the same time. It was truly a delicious meal.

If there’s something that I’m not completely satisfied with yet, is that I am not able to prepare my tortillas at home. Most of the times I go to the supermarket and though I buy only the tortillas that I believe to be of the best quality, I am unhappy that I can’t make them myself. The next kitchen appliance that I’m buying will probably be a nice tortilla maker to team up with my recently received gift, so that I can cook any type of Mexican food I want.