How to use my personal foot spa?


Everybody takes care of their body and skin in order to look good because when we look good we feel good and feel confident. However, most of our care and protection is often only for the upper body, skin and hair. We forget about one important body part of ours that also requires equal attention and care, i.e. our feet.

Feet are also an important or should I say most important parts of our body because it is the feet that bear all our weight throughout the day and get tired more than any other part. Therefore it’s important to take a proper care of them as well.

A foot spa is an innovative and very useful way of keeping our foot  relaxed. In this article I’d like to share my experience with my personal home foot spa machine.


Home foot spa machine

If you are hearing about it for the first time, then let me tell you, that YES, a machine for carrying out foot spa  at home exists and it is a very interesting and extremely useful tool to have. This machine consists of a small tub for your foot to fit in, and attached to it are different small units such as vibrating massager, heater etc to provide you an all in one foot spa experience.


How I use my machine?

Doing a foot spa  at home is very convenient especially with the help of your personal home foot spa machine.


Equipment required

All you require is some basic equipment like nail file, nail clipper, cuticle nippers, pumice stone and buffers, foot lotion, foot scrub, foot brush, hand towel and of course your foot spa machine.


After you have gathered all these equipments, follow the steps below.

  • First of all wash off all the dirt from your foot thoroughly.
  • Now switch on the foot spa machine, fill it with appropriate amount of water and sink your feet in.
  • Now let your feet soak for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Now using the foot brush and pumice stone rub the rough skin around your toes and sole. This will make your feet soft.
  • Next up, take your feet out, dry them up using hand towel, clip your nails and file them in desired shape.
  • Apply some foot lotion or glycerin.

Try this basic method of home foot spa and see how relaxed they make you feel!