Using a drill press for woodworking – short tips

The most frequently used tool, the Drill Press, is like boon for all the woodworkers. It is just not a hole-digger, but so much more than that. It can serve you making dowels, it can become your spindle sander, or a mortiser. But if you are already familiar with these uses of the drill press, then you must read this article, because here we have grouped some really awesome and quick tips about using a drill press, that you never knew!

So here we go:

1) Are you just fed up of all those jammed bits and ruptures they cause? Well then just clear your flute and try using some bit lubricant next time and you’ll see the difference.

2) While drilling a round stock, use semi circular cradle instead of a v-neck block. It will provide consistent support and avoid blow-outs.

3) To find the exact centre of any work-piece, place one face against a fence and dig a dot on it, then rotate it end to end and again dig a dot. If the two dots do not line up, then the work-piece still needs repositioning. To find the exact centre, just move the fence to a distance equal to half of the total distance between the dots.

4) To drill a perfectly centered hole in a sphere, first drill a counter-bore on a scrap board, using the frostner or spade bit, that is almost half the diameter of the sphere. Then keep the sphere on the counter-bore and get it drilled. More information on how to handle the sphere can be found on this website.

5) To drill evenly distanced multiple holes, you can use a Flip stop. Flip one stop if it is an individual hole spacing and two if you need more distances in between.

6) You can use angled ramp for drilling evenly angular holes. These ramps are easily available in the market.

7) Did you know that you can sand curves without producing dust? Just take a drum sander and a sanding table, and make a hole on the tabletop, that is a quarter inch larger than the drum, to get the drum projected over it. Now drill two to one-fourth inches side holes to fix up a dust hose.

So you see??  How these small and easy tricks can do so much more help on the same work !

Do use these tips next time and see the magic, and don’t forget to leave comments!

Happy drilling!!