I believe radar detectors should be illegal in the US


Legalisation of radar detectors is a hot topic of debate in many parts of the world, including the United States of America. Albeit the general law here permits the use of one such detector in private vehicles, the law keeps varying from state to state.

According to the US Communication Act of 1934, the private vehicles are allowed to keep a detector, but the commercial vehicles are bound to follow the DOT regulation and are completely prohibited for using a radar detector.

But in states like Virginia and Washington DC, the detectors are illegal for all the vehicles. Similarly there are separate laws and many additional rules, regarding the radar detectors in states like Illinois, New York, New Jersey etc.

However, in my opinion, radar detectors are not a good idea for the fact that they indirectly cause traffic rule violation , somewhere  or the other. You see, the  radar detectors are used by the police in order to track traffic rule violators , particularly the rash drivers.

The radar detector, used by motorists, detects the radar gun signals and alarms the driver, often helping them to avoid a ticket – more on this subject. To be straight forward, radar detectors allow us to bend the speed rules slightly without being caught and hence are very popular amongst the rash drivers.

I am not saying that all the people use radar detectors to violate the laws without getting caught, but it is a fact that most of the people do!

Some of the people, who are always in a hurry, believe that a slight misdemeanour might not pain at all if it saves their pockets from getting hurt. But you see, this is the actual problem.

Traffic rules are meant to ensure safe and sound traffic system, and breaking these regulations may sometimes seem fun but can someday cause major harm, may be not to you but somebody else

Therefore it’s necessary for laws to govern the traffic properly and the police to keep a check on people who abuse it. And such a proper and fair detection will be possible only when the use of radar detector machines is banned altogether.

Though radar detectors are not totally responsible for traffic rule violations and they are not the ones causing rash driving. It is the people who aren’t aware of the excruciating damage that these ‘slight violation’ may cause, but prohibiting the use of radar detectors will definitely ensure that these rule breakers learn the right lesson.




How do you make your own yogurt?


Yogurt is part of our daily eating routine and it is even mandatory for some people. The benefits associated with this simple food are many, so we tend to include it in our shop list as often as possible. However, as with many products available on the shelves of stores and supermarkets, a lot of additives and less healthy substances that are needed to keep the yogurt edible for a longer period of time are included in its composition.

The basic yogurt recipe is, nevertheless, much simpler and it doesn’t include all the ingredients you see written on the product’s label in supermarkets. If you want to make a basic yogurt at home, you only need fat milk (or cream if you prefer it more creamy), live bacteria cultures, yogurt (about half a cup), a pot large enough to prepare it in and a yogurt maker.

The preparation stages are few and simple. Only the fermentation process is tricky, as the yogurt needs warm and constant temperature and has to stay covered for a few hours to achieve an optimal fermentation process. To ensure that the incubation is progressing well, you must assure good temperature conditions for it. For this to happen, you can store the yogurt in a warm place where you are able to maintain the same temperature overnight. As it is unlikely that the temperature remains constant, it is recommended that you use a yogurt maker. This utensil will ensure a great environment for the composition to incubate, and will also let you know how much time has passed since you placed it inside the maker.

What you must do first is heat the milk in a pot until it forms bubbles around the edges. Once this happens, you take the milk away from the stove and you wait for it to cool a bit. When it’s slightly warm, you take a couple of spoons of milk and you mix it with the live cultures yogurt, after which you blend this with the rest of the milk. This is when the yogurt maker comes into the picture. You store the composition into the yogurt maker’s jars and then you set it according to the instructions. Most yogurts will take a minimum of 6 hours to be ready, although it is preferable to leave it there overnight. In the morning it will be perfect for your breakfast. Before you consume it, you can place it to cool in the fridge for an hour or two.

Remember to keep a cup of your first batch of yogurt as a culture for your next round.

How to use my personal foot spa?


Everybody takes care of their body and skin in order to look good because when we look good we feel good and feel confident. However, most of our care and protection is often only for the upper body, skin and hair. We forget about one important body part of ours that also requires equal attention and care, i.e. our feet.

Feet are also an important or should I say most important parts of our body because it is the feet that bear all our weight throughout the day and get tired more than any other part. Therefore it’s important to take a proper care of them as well.

A foot spa is an innovative and very useful way of keeping our foot  relaxed. In this article I’d like to share my experience with my personal home foot spa machine.


Home foot spa machine

If you are hearing about it for the first time, then let me tell you, that YES, a machine for carrying out foot spa  at home exists and it is a very interesting and extremely useful tool to have. This machine consists of a small tub for your foot to fit in, and attached to it are different small units such as vibrating massager, heater etc to provide you an all in one foot spa experience.


How I use my machine?

Doing a foot spa  at home is very convenient especially with the help of your personal home foot spa machine.


Equipment required

All you require is some basic equipment like nail file, nail clipper, cuticle nippers, pumice stone and buffers, foot lotion, foot scrub, foot brush, hand towel and of course your foot spa machine.


After you have gathered all these equipments, follow the steps below.

  • First of all wash off all the dirt from your foot thoroughly.
  • Now switch on the foot spa machine, fill it with appropriate amount of water and sink your feet in.
  • Now let your feet soak for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Now using the foot brush and pumice stone rub the rough skin around your toes and sole. This will make your feet soft.
  • Next up, take your feet out, dry them up using hand towel, clip your nails and file them in desired shape.
  • Apply some foot lotion or glycerin.

Try this basic method of home foot spa and see how relaxed they make you feel!



New to Rving? Read my tips for a better trip.


Hello voyager! Are you thinking of Rving but doubtful about how to make the best RV trip? Well, let me tell you that you just made an absolutely right decision. Travelling and roaming anywhere and everywhere, any time; just travelling and experiencing new things all the time, what else can be better for your wanderlust?

But if you are worried because you don’t know how to start or where to start from, then the answer to this question is right here. Just read this beginners guide for a perfect RV trip, and you will start feeling better –


  • To begin with, first of all decide whether you are going to buy an RV or rent one. If you are planning a single trip then it’s better to rent and if you are planning to do a full time Rving then you can purchase your own vehicle. However, for a beginner I will advice to rent  an RV for the first trial.
  • Next up you must know about the RV properly. This is important as an RV is completely different from a car or a van. There are various Dos and Don’ts that you must know before going on an RV trip.
  • Before going on an actual RV trip, it is advised to take a trial ride. This lets you know how the RV thing is actually going to be. To be more positive about the decision, try the test drive on a terrain similar to which you are planning to tour.


Before Starting the Trip

Before you lock your house and finally go off on the adventure, it is important that you do not forget the    following –

  • Do not forget to pack your tools and spare parts. Take a well packed toolkit with you along with the general spare parts that an RV requires like the nuts, bolts, connectors, bulbs etc.
  • Do not forget to keep a GPS unit with you. This is an important accessory because it helps you in tracking and tracing the roads of the location you are travelling. A GPS unit is extremely important for an RV trip.
  • It is good if you can get a backup camera. It is a useful gadget to park and retrieve a huge vehicle like an RV
  • Do not start without a proper planning. It is a necessary element for a successful trip.

Keep all these tips and advices in your mind and enjoy your trip!




Pedestal sump pump are the best option


Sump pumps are used to draw collected and usually stagnant water from the sumps to a place away from your basement, in order to protect your basement from damage. While buying a sump pump, people often get confused for selecting between a pedestal sump pump and a submersible sump pump.

Different people give different advice on this topic making it even more difficult to make a decision. However, in my opinion, pedestal sump pumps are indeed a better option. Pedestal sump pumps are designed to sit above the water level. They are installed with a sensor or floating switch on board that activates automatically on detecting the certain rise in water level. Since the motor in pedestal sump pump, does not contact water, it is less likely to be damaged and even if it is somehow damaged, then it won’t require any tearing of the floor to rectify the problem.

But just like everybody else, I don’t want to flood your mind with my viewpoint and that is why I have gathered here a quick comparison of pedestal sump pumps over other sump pumps. So have a look and evaluate :

  • Cost – Pedestal sump pumps are cheaper than other sump pumps especially when compared to submersible pumps. But that doesn’t make it compromise on  performance and durability.
  • Accessing – Since pedestal sump pumps are not deeply installed, they are easily accessible. The convenience in access makes it easy to take care of the pump from time to time.
  • Maintenance – Being easily accessible these are easy to maintain. Moreover they require very low cost maintenance compared to other pumps.
  • Durability – Since their motor is not submerged in water, it is less likely to become defective and hence is durable. Pedestal sump pumps last 2 to 5 times longer that submersible pumps.
  • Repair – Since they are durable, they rarely require repairing. Being inexpensive, the repair (if needed) is very cheap and easy.
  • Safety – Pedestal sump pumps have a motor which is not submerged in water making it safer to use compared to submersible pumps which is more likely to create a short-circuit. Click here to read more about the difference between a pedestal sump pump and submersible one.

The only disadvantage of a submersible sump pump is that it is a bit noisier than others and a little less powerful, but they are indeed a reliable choice from an overall standpoint. So, if you are thinking of purchasing a pedestal sump pump, then go ahead with confidence because you will not regret buying one.



Using a drill press for woodworking – short tips

The most frequently used tool, the Drill Press, is like boon for all the woodworkers. It is just not a hole-digger, but so much more than that. It can serve you making dowels, it can become your spindle sander, or a mortiser. But if you are already familiar with these uses of the drill press, then you must read this article, because here we have grouped some really awesome and quick tips about using a drill press, that you never knew!

So here we go:

1) Are you just fed up of all those jammed bits and ruptures they cause? Well then just clear your flute and try using some bit lubricant next time and you’ll see the difference.

2) While drilling a round stock, use semi circular cradle instead of a v-neck block. It will provide consistent support and avoid blow-outs.

3) To find the exact centre of any work-piece, place one face against a fence and dig a dot on it, then rotate it end to end and again dig a dot. If the two dots do not line up, then the work-piece still needs repositioning. To find the exact centre, just move the fence to a distance equal to half of the total distance between the dots.

4) To drill a perfectly centered hole in a sphere, first drill a counter-bore on a scrap board, using the frostner or spade bit, that is almost half the diameter of the sphere. Then keep the sphere on the counter-bore and get it drilled. More information on how to handle the sphere can be found on this website.

5) To drill evenly distanced multiple holes, you can use a Flip stop. Flip one stop if it is an individual hole spacing and two if you need more distances in between.

6) You can use angled ramp for drilling evenly angular holes. These ramps are easily available in the market.

7) Did you know that you can sand curves without producing dust? Just take a drum sander and a sanding table, and make a hole on the tabletop, that is a quarter inch larger than the drum, to get the drum projected over it. Now drill two to one-fourth inches side holes to fix up a dust hose.

So you see??  How these small and easy tricks can do so much more help on the same work !

Do use these tips next time and see the magic, and don’t forget to leave comments!

Happy drilling!!

Why I keep a weather radio in my house.


Weather radio is a single-purpose special radio receiver device used to listen to direct weather forecasting. In this age of high technology androids and smart devices it seems quaint and futile to keep such a weather radio with you. However, keeping a weather radio in your home, car and boat, is actually very practical and handy habit. Wondering how ?  Read ahead.


Weather radio provides the most authentic information.

Yes. A weather radio forecasts the information that is broadcasted nationwide by National Weather Forecasting Associations which is a government organization and includes 24 hour service from highly educated expert meteorologists. Therefore no other app or website can provide as authentic information as a weather radio.

Weather  radio is better than other devices.

The weather information is easily available these days through television, internet or via android apps. But these devices come with one drawback or the other, when it comes to weather forecasting. You cannot watch a weather forecast all the time on a television or while watching your favorite shows and in times of power cut. The android phones and World Wide Web will also be useful only when you have enough battery and an internet connection or a proper network (which highly depends on the weather itself, LOL). On the other hand with a weather radio near you, you can listen to a weather forecast at any time during the day and at any place. The weather radio picks up the closest network broadcast no matter which part the country you are in and requires very less amount of battery compared to the phones.


They provide all types of national emergency reports.

With a weather radio beside you, you can not only listen to the weather forecast for the entire day but it also broadcasts all types of emergency alerts including the natural disasters, outages, chemical disasters, terrorist attacks and various severe weather conditions like hurricane, tornado, cyclone and high wind.

They are cheap and portable.

Using and wondering with expensive and heavy devices such as an android or a television seems impractical, while an emergency. Weather radios, being extremely low-cost and lightweight are very easy and comfortable to carry and keep.

All these benefits of a weather radio make it worth keeping with you, even in this modern age of advanced technology. Hence I always keep a weather radio in my house. Do you?



The best birthday present: a quesadilla maker

I’ve been using a skillet to cook quesadillas for as long as I can remember. Though the thought of buying a more advanced tool, that would improve the quality of my dishes, but also shorten the amount of time that I usually spend cooking it, had been on my mind for some time, I had never put it in practice. Thankfully, my good friend did that for me and bought me one for my birthday a couple of days ago. As my friends already know, I’m a great fan of Mexican cuisine and condiments, and I try including them in many foods I cook at home. It was such a lovely surprise! My friends wrapped it in a simple white paper and at first, I thought they bought me a sauce pan (it would have been the third received that day), so I tried faking some kind of enthusiasm, but, to my great surprise, from the white paper, a round quesadilla maker surfaced. It was the best present! The item had a nicely designed lock in the shape of a red pepper and a shiny red color that cheers me up when I look at it. Next to that, a set of kitchen towels with Mexican traditional motives completed the most amazing present I’ve got for this year’s birthday.

As I was quite excited, I couldn’t help but putting it to work right away. While my friends were talking, I prepared a simple quesadilla recipe, to test my new appliance. There are no words to describe the final result: the crunchy texture of the tortilla, the perfectly golden nuance, the perfectly cut slices. I regretted the fact that I didn’t buy one earlier, as it would have made my life so much easier. Not only I got the food ready in half the time that I would have cooking them the usual way, but I didn’t have to turn the quesadilla on the other side, as the small appliance fries it on both sides at the same time. It was truly a delicious meal.

If there’s something that I’m not completely satisfied with yet, is that I am not able to prepare my tortillas at home. Most of the times I go to the supermarket and though I buy only the tortillas that I believe to be of the best quality, I am unhappy that I can’t make them myself. The next kitchen appliance that I’m buying will probably be a nice tortilla maker to team up with my recently received gift, so that I can cook any type of Mexican food I want.


My review of the Shark SV1106


If you’re trying to acquire an electric broom that is not only efficient, but also easy-to-use and handle, this is an excellent product that you can find for sale on the internet. It is highly functional, due to the fact that it comes with two speed levels that you can adjust according to the surface you are using it on. Hard floors are easily cleaned at the first speed level, but you may obtain better results on bulky fabrics and carpets using the second power level. Personally, for rugs and less fluffy textures I use the basic level, and I don’t think I need more than that to achieve the best possible result.

The main reason for which I bought this product is its charger. Most cordless products like this one will take 7-8 hours to charge, and give you 20-25 minutes of running time, which I consider insufficient. Moreover, if you use the broom at its highest capacity, the running time will be reduced to half. The Shark is a good stick vacuum for hardwood floors and it takes only 4 hours to recharge and offers plenty of running time on both speed settings.

Another thing that I appreciate at this product is the garbage recipient. It is easy to empty and quite spacious, so you won’t be forced to empty it often. Due to its placement on the handle of the broom, it won’t become a nuisance during cleaning. In addition, the product uses the cyclonic technology that keeps dust and debris away from the filter preventing it from clogging. As such, it will work at its maximum capacity always and will not lose its power in time.
It is quite surprising what this small and light product can do with pet hair. Though you won’t give it credit with pet hair embedded in your carpet, this broom can lift it easily due to its motorized brush that was especially designed for this type of task.

When it comes to maneuverability, the product can be easily steered in any direction, as it is fitted with a swivel head. Even on fluffy carpets, you can move the product back and forth effortless due to its two wheels placed at the back.

As a last consideration, you may find the price of this broom a bit higher than that of other products in its category, but, once you get to use it, you’ll see it is worth every penny.

How to find an affordable truck tent – my tips.


Truck tents are one of the most popular camping tents these days because of the safety, comfort and easiness that they bring to the entire camping session. If you are reluctant to buy one such tent because you think they must be expensive then let me inform you that buying an appropriate truck tent won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, most truck tents are same and sometimes even cheaper than what a regular tent might cost you.

In an average standpoint, most truck tents range from a very basic of $100-$200, depending on the size, material used and seasonality. A rather high ender may even reach a range up to $1000-$1500. But since you are looking for a fundamental truck tent at an affordable budget, we have some suggestions for you


Guide gear truck tent

This one is available at a very relaxing price of $79.99 and offers  a lightweight and easy to set-up design. It features sewn in floor and large doors and mesh windows for perfect ventilation. You can get an optional rain fly with it in case you want to use it in wet seasons.

Napier outdoors backroadz #13

This three seasoned tent, with a capacity of two, offers a large 5’5 big interior at an affordable price of $169.99. It features sewn in floor feature and easy set-up arrangements along with shock-corded fiberglass tent poles for strong and steady erectness.


Rightline gear 110750 short bed truck tents

This truck tent for two, offers a spacious interior with a floorless design to set it up without removing gear from the beds, at an attractive price of $179.95. It also includes color coded poles and pole pockets for quick and easy set-up.

Sportz truck bed tent

This tent for two, with a 5’6 interior offers quick installation without guide ropes. It also offers a sewn-in-floor feature and a rear access panel to access the cab from inside the tent. It has a large door with dual mesh windows and rear awning attached to tailgate. They are most appropriate for long trips where you require substantial rest for long travelling. They are available at an affordable price of $249.99.


Hope these suggestions are useful to you. You can read the customer reviews of these products at Amazon and ebay. Don’t forget leave a comment. Happy shopping!


My bass fishing tips for beginners

If you haven’t got a chance to practice your bass fishing skills, but you are anxious to try your luck, you may want to be well-prepared for this special occasion. Bass is no ordinary fish and, consequently, should not be treated as one. To make sure you catch something, pay attention to the following simple, but useful tips.

  1. Know where to find the fish you are targeting, namely bass. This fish can have an erratic behavior especially during autumn, but it keeps to deep water in winter. In summer, it usually stays where it can find some coolness, which means it will stick around water vegetation, near the lake’s borders or under boat bridges, as in these places shade is provided by wood, trees and herbs. Early morning is your best time for targeting bass during summer, as that is the moment where they go to feed, so there are more chances that they bite the bait you have prepared for them. Keep in mind that vegetation filled waters can add some difficulty to casting your bait, as your line or lure can get tangled and even break, so you need to maneuver your rod with extra care.

Your equipment should not only be adapted to the natural conditions, but to the fish as well. When you go fishing for bass, your regular, all-round rod and reel combo may fail you. It is of crucial importance to have gear you feel comfortable using, but that doesn’t imply it will be suitable for this particular species. Bass may require a serious gear update. Having a spare rod with you, for example, is an optimal idea, as some specimens can get really aggressive and break the blank when you try to reel them in. Furthermore, a rod that comes with increased sensitivity, made with graphite will enable you to sense even the slightest movement coming up the line. Moreover, using more than one type of lure will increase your chances to land some bass.

Finally, the perfect gear and place will get you nowhere if you don’t have the proper attitude. Bass is smart and won’t bite everything it sees. As such, you should use a line that is invisible under water and bait that closely resembles real species of fish and insects in order to fool it. Moreover, you should also settle in a place that doesn’t expose you to the fish, as your sight may startle them and make them hide. Even when they do bite, don’t jerk the line, as it will scare away the catch before you get the chance to pull it out of the water. Reel the fish in slowly, so that it doesn’t notice it’s being tricked until it can’t escape your hook anymore.


How to buy a fish finder

Fish finders are new-entry devices to the fishing world. Their main role is to help you find the best spots for fishing. Generally, these devices function using an advanced sonar technology. That is why buying one can be a tricky matter, as the latest developments in technology have turned these small devices into extremely complicated instruments. If you are looking for a portable fish finder, here are some basic features that the device should include so that you can rely on it, no matter where you find yourself or what is the type of fishing you are engaged in.

The piece of equipment through which a fish finder emits and picks up a signal is the transducer. This usually comes with the main device and you must install it so that the fish finder works. However, as they are not built-in, and they greatly influence how your fish finder functions, you can upgrade them, in case you need to improve the efficiency of your unit. 

Figure out if you’re buying a low or high frequency fish finder. As a general rule, the higher the frequency, the more detailed the picture your device receives will be. As such, if you want a high-quality picture of the bottom of the water, you must acquire a product that will be able to provide you with such an image. Just to give you a better idea on how accurate an image can be, a fish finder that works on a frequency higher than 455 kHz can deliver images so clear that you can identify the shape of plants or the contour of other objects in the water.

However, to be able to receive a clear image from under the water, you need a good quality screen. When you’re looking for a fish finder, remember to check the size of the screen and its resolution – both features playing a key role in establishing the usefulness of your device. A larger screen will naturally offer you a larger image. The resolution will indicate how detailed the images the fish finder receives are. To receive great quality pictures, you shouldn’t settle for anything with a lower than 240(v) x 160(h) pixels resolution.

As these instruments are mostly used near water, don’t forget to check if your device is built with waterproof materials – something that should be stipulated in the technical details of the product. In addition, you should opt for a unit that floats. If it so happens that you drop it into the sea, you may want to be able to retrieve it, as they are quite expensive tools.